Litigation Law Firm Overview

Respected – Effective – Proven

An Efficient Litigation Trial Law Firm Affiliation
The Shimko Law Offices, LLC  was established by Timothy A. Shimko in 1988 as Shimko & Associates with an eye towards creating an efficient trial firm, uniquely equipped to service the litigation and trial needs of other law firms and their clients. The Shimko Law, Offices, LLC in Cleveland, OH and Shimko Law, P.C. in New York City have teamed up and affiliated under the Shimko Law banner. Though the largest number of the firm’s clients historically have been referred by other lawyers, as the firm’s reputation has grown, so have the number of clients that retain the firm directly. However, the firm’s docket of active cases is maintained at a deliberately controlled level to allow for maximum client attention and communication.

Specializing In Civil Litigation Before State & Federal Courts
Since the law firm’s inception, its services have been for the most part devoted to the preparation and trial of civil law suits before the state and federal courts of the United States.  Over the past 37 years, Mr. Shimko has litigated cases in the state and federal courts of such diverse jurisdictions as Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Washington.  Also adept at litigation involving international business law, the firm has represented clients from Canada, Cayman Islands, Cypress, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, and The People’s Republic of China.  With offices in Cleveland and New York, Shimko Law has the resources and dual market presence to hand multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Strategies To Minimize The Client’s Exposure To Litigation
The firm not only offers litigation and trial services, but also provides clients with strategies designed to minimize the client’s exposure to litigation.  Although litigation has been the mainstay of the firm’s business over the last 25 years, the firm has developed an expertise in how to avoid litigation.  To that end, the firm provides a unique perspective that can only come from a law firm that has succeeded at what the client is trying to avoid or prevent.  And, it is the prevention of litigation that is usually the most cost effective result that any client can obtain.

Proven Results
The firm’s results can be traced to its proactive style and its training, knowledge, and skill gained from forty years of litigation experience.  For clients seeking to avoid litigation, the firm is able to offer strategies to promote that end.  Unnecessary litigation is always to be avoided, but when there is no other reasonable alternative, having a litigation law firm that has been there before can make a difference.